Imagine a wedding ceremony that feels like it's been written by your best friend! I will work with you to personalize your ceremony so that it is a mirror reflection of you and your partner's love and dreams for the future.

I also have wonderful ideas for unity rituals that go far beyond the unity candle. Do you like wine, then let's talk about a wine blending ceremony. Like to cook together, how about a spice blending ritual? Feel like old souls - you might want to consider a hand-fasting ceremony and also the oathing stone ceremony.

I promise you, with me as your Celebrant/Officiant, you will NOT have a cookie cutter ceremony. I won't take your name and stick in the same old vows that you hear so often. We will work together to create the ceremony of your dreams, complete with your personal love story, the vows that reflect each of you, rituals that are fun and meaningful so that your guests will walk away saying "That was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever experienced."

Give them something wonderful to talk about, give yourself and your partner the ceremony you want and deserve.

Call me, let's talk and dream and create together!

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Marta Adubato






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